Whether you’re operating onboard a vessel with 10 POB or a floatel with over 500 POB, Aramark has turnkey solutions to
support your operation.

Oil & Gas

From hook-up and commissioning to asset-decommissioning, Aramark has over forty years experience servicing customers onboard fixed, floating and normally-unmanned platforms.

We work with global supermajors, new market entrants and duty-holders, including:

Mobile Offshore Drilling

From ship-yard to field, Aramark has shallow and deep-water experience onboard Jack-ups, Semi-Submersibles and Drill-ships.

We work with international and regional drilling contractors, including:

“I can’t thank the Aramark team enough for all the work they do. The tasks they carry out onboard makes our lives so much more enjoyable while at sea. I am amazed at the positivity and respect they exude towards others and their job; day in and day out. I am profoundly grateful for all of the hard work and readiness they show up to work with & the friendly smiles and greetings they have all the time. The Proteus is lucky to have such a dedicated Aramark crew onboard, without them we would not be able to maintain such a high level of productivity as a Crew. To the Proteus Aramark Team; Thank you for all that you do, you are a critical part of our rigs success. Your dedication showcases the character and professionalism you all carry and display on a day to day basis.”

DPO – Transocean Deepwater Proteus

“The Aramark Team on the Deepwater Asgard, from top to bottom, are the finest that I have worked with.  They have set the bar very high and maintain exceptional standards in cleaning, laundry and food onboard.  The crews are hard workers even under difficult circumstances and always have a smile on their faces and great attitudes. The accommodations, galley, provision areas and laundry are kept spotless at all times.  The food quality and variety are amazing and always served with a smile.  I only have good things to say about their leadership and the entire crews performance.”

OIM – Transocean Deepwater Asgard

“A very deep and sincere thank you for a very well prepared and fine presented Strategic meeting. I want to thank all the people of the Aramark organization offshore and onshore for your individual contribution to the good service and very fine operation delivered day by day. Also a very big thank you for your constant effort to improve and most of all to work in a safe way. You can all be proud of your contribution to the accomplishment of Aramark during this 1st contract year. I never doubted that we made the right choice, and you “just” confirmed it.”

Contract Owner – TOTAL DK

With all that is going on in the world, our Aramark Team greets us every day with a smile and a “Good morning”.  This is after so many days at sea that most would have just given up.  But not our Team, our Friends, our Collegues, and most importantly our Aramark Family.  They persevere through good days and bad but their attitude continues as good as if it was their first day onboard.  With that THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

OIM – Transocean Deepwater Proteus

“Aramark worked closely with TAQA over a 12-week mobilisation period, providing weekly updates to our Operations and Contract team as well as conducting regular meetings with the team offshore to ensure a seamless transition occurred. The management of TUPE staff and professionalism displayed throughout was excellent. Aramark followed up on mobilising both HSEQ and Operational Management visits to all sites from inception, understanding the importance of familiarising themselves with the layouts and rig operations in order to adapt and personalise a service appropriate to the assets.
To ensure the new Aramark team were engaged with, Understanding the criticality of properly managing People through change, not only were a large number of employees engaged with directly offshore during mobilisation visits, they conducted a series of onshore induction days at their HQ in Aberdeen welcoming the TUPE staff into the Aramark team. Regular engagement with the OIM’s offshore supported the transition and onward delivery of the contract. The mobilisation and transition covered 5 rigs in total, 4 in NNS, 1 in CNS. During the transition Aramark ensured that all employees were inducted, with minimal disruption to the rig as well as deploying a highly experienced Aramark Chef Manager to each site on the handover date to support with the safe transition of service. Aramark secured a 98% TUPE transfer rate and no recordable incidents during the mobilisation and transition. Since the transition, Aramark continues to drive performance, suggest innovations and measures to ensure we get the best value from our partner. Our offshore teams remain extremely satisfied with the provision of service.”

Asset Manager & Contract lead Holder – TAQA Bratani

Accommodation & Marine

Supporting clients during new built hook-up & commissioning and maintenance and modification projects. Aramark has supported global projects with in excess of 500 POB. Aramark further supports highly-mobile marine, subsea and renewal energy operations.

We work with recognised accommodation and marine operators including:

“Our Aramark crew is the best and most professional group I have ever worked with! Despite their extended hitches, they always have a smile on their face and are ready to assist the crew anyway they can. They consistently go above and beyond their normal duties to ensure our crew is comfortable and well fed. Some of our galley crew have been onboard for almost 5 months and still do not know when they will be able to go home. Despite their extended hitches, I have not seen any decline in their attitude or service. All of the Proteus Aramark staff are true professionals, and they continually demonstrate that day after day! Can’t say thank you enough for all they do for our team!”

Rig HSE Advisor – Transocean Deepwater Proteus

“I have just completed the Hygiene Inspection onboard Floatel Superior and in short Aramark are doing a fantastic job. The standard Aramark are presenting in comparison with their competition is just in another league. The galley is absolutely spotless, the food is fantastic, the cabins are spotless and the service level and general willingness to improve is beyond anything their competition presented during the time I had them onboard. I do not have any stock in Aramark, I am just very pleased to get our rig presented in such a way that it should have from the beginning.”

OIM – Floatel International

On behalf of the Zennor team onboard the PBLJ I would like to pass on our thanks to the Aramark team for the ‘Welcome to Zennor’ special meal they put on this week. The standard of food was truly excellent and all beautifully presented. The hard work of the team is very much appreciated.
Compliments have also been flooding in from all of the service personnel and regular crew onboard regarding the quality of the meal.
Well done and thank you!

Sr. Drilling Supervisor / Night Drilling Supervisor – Transocean

“Aramark have supported Floatel Victory from mobilisation in the Bahamas, during the sail to the North Sea and throughout the BP Clair Ridge project. I find Aramark offshore and onshore support teams to be professional, supportive of our mutual goals to BP and pro-active to a complex and evolving project. Aramark is a valued partner of Floatel International.”

Hotel Manager – Floatel International

“The team are doing a great job and food on-board is to a high standard. One of my checks I do on-board, is walk about the vessel with no Prosafe logo shirt for the first day, to get a feel what the customer is saying about the facilities as a vessel but also how is the catering, all positive feed-back. Great attitude from the staff and keeping the vessel to a high standard. The teams have their challenges, but are handling it well, please thank your team.”

Manager Facilities and Flotel Services – Prosafe

“I don’t think I have seen such a hardworking and dedicated group of people. I think ‘housekeeping’ and cleaning roles can get overlooked in terms of their importance. Despite being taken for granted by some workers (certainly not the GMS crew) they continue without complaint. They manage to maintain a healthy crew with excellent food, fantastic cleanliness and great Camaraderie.
I continually thank them after each meal and room clean, so they know their relentless efforts are appreciated.”

Medic – GMS

“I have experience of working with Aramark onboard board the COSL Rival and latterly the Rigmar, whilst it was the decision of BP and TOTAL to select Aramark as the catering provider, I can vouch for the quality they provide and the management of the operation from the front line to the management team onshore. I have experienced catering from multiple suppliers and I can state that the services provided by Aramark onboard both projects was class leading. Aramark integrated well with our marine crew onboard and maintained a critical focus on safety, welfare and service delivery. I would have no issue in recommending Aramark or welcoming them back onboard any of our rigs.”

Rig Manager Accommodation units – COSL


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