Flotel Services

“The team are doing a great job and food on-board is to a high standard. One of my checks I do on-board, is walk about the vessel with no Prosafe logo shirt for the first day, to get a feel what the customer is saying about the facilities as a vessel but also how is the catering, all positive feed-back. Great attitude from the staff and keeping the vessel to a high standard.”

Safe Bristolia Flotel

“I can highly recommend Aramark Catering Service. Safety and management systems are solid. Galley services are excellent; hygiene, food quantity, quality, presentation and value for money are 1st. class and stand out from their competition. Accommodation housekeeping is excellent in every respect. The staff is courteous and more than willing to do extra. I would have no hesitation in recommending Aramark to any other operator, or for future use on a CoP project.”

Maersk Drilling

“During my tour I have interacted with two MD OIM’s. Both have been very cooperative and responsive to Maersk Oil requests. I have been to Guardian several times this tour and the standards of housekeeping, cleanliness, staff appearance, and catering have all been commented upon in a most positive way both by my team and random personnel I have asked for feedback.”

COSL Rival

“On behalf of ALL the COSL Marine crew and management, I would just like to say thank you for all the work Aramark have done to get COSL Rival into the condition we are in today. I have worked on Cosl Rival for almost 9 years and along with almost each and every person or meeting onboard with management, we all agree the place has never looked as good. The food has been absolutely first class and your staff have transformed this place unmeasurably. We try to thank you your crew as often as possible but please let pass on our gratitude for all the hard work they have done and continue to do. We onboard are looking forward to the next 12 months working alongside you as a team and hopefully further into the future.”

Floatel International

“Aramark have supported Floatel Victory from mobilisation in the Bahamas, during the sail to the North Sea and throughout the BP Clair Ridge project. I find Aramark offshore and onshore support teams to be professional, supportive of our mutual goals to BP and pro-active to a complex and evolving project. Aramark is a valued partner of Floatel International.”


“I have just completed the Hygiene Inspection onboard Floatel Superior and in short, Aramark is doing a fantastic job. The standard Aramark are presenting in comparison with the former incumbent is just in another league. The galley is absolutely spotless, the food is fantastic, the cabins are spotless and the service level and general willingness to improve is beyond anything presented previously. I do not have any stock in Aramark, I am just very pleased to get our rig presented in such a way that it should have from the beginning.”


“ARAMARK worked closely with us over a 12 week period, providing weekly updates to the Operations team and bi-weekly to our Rig Managers. ARAMARK conducted a series of operational and HSEQ site visits to our assets in order to familiarise themselves with the layouts and rig operations. The mobilisation and transition covered 11 rigs in total, 10 in the UKCS and a further rig in Danish waters. ARAMARK carried out the mobilisation over the period of a single day and ensured that all employees were inducted, with minimal disruption to the rig. An ARAMARK Chef Manager was mobilised to each site on the handover date to support with the safe transition of service. ARAMARK secured a 91.7% TUPE transfer rate and no recordable incidents during the mobilisation and transition”

L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering

“On behalf of all the employees of LTHE, please accept our appreciation for the excellent service provided by Aramark Catering over the past several months in Safaniya 4 Deck & Subsea Cable Pipe Line project, on-board GMS Kudeta 4305. Thanks for the dedication combined with your staff’s teamwork and co-operation during the entire project phase in the field of catering and hospitality.”

COSL Drilling

“I have experience of working with Aramark onboard board the COSL Rival and latterly the Rigmar, whilst it was the decision of BP and Maersk Oil to select Aramark as the catering provider, I can vouch for the quality they provide and the management of the operation from the front line to the management team onshore. I have experienced catering from multiple suppliers and I can state that the services provided by Aramark
onboard both projects was class leading. Aramark integrated well with our marine crew onboard and maintained a critical focus on safety, welfare and service delivery.”


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