Aramark Offshore Denmark – A Decade On!

On the 1st of July 2020, Aramark celebrated a decade of continuous offshore operations across the Danish Continental Shelf (DCS) As a means to recognise this tremendous milestone, over 150 colleagues from onboard the Dan Fox, Gorm, Halfdan A, Halfdan BC, Harald, Skjold, Crossway Eagle, Maersk Guardian, Reacher and Resolute came to together safely to celebrate, whilst maintaining social distancing practice. In addition to celebrating our tenth year anniversary Aramark also served it’s 10 Millionth meal this year – A phenomenal achievement!

Following the competitive award of the contract in 2010 and subsequent renewal this year, Aramark still has 51 or the original team who transferred over to our business. Their loyalty and continued professionalism is the cornerstone of our success in Denmark.

Commenting on the milestone achievement is Director of Operations – Lars Hermansen – “As new starter in Denmark 10 years ago we brought core values as Frontline First and Enrich 

and Nourish Lives to life. Engaging closely with both staff and client we have evolved over the past decade both with innovation to benefit the experience for everyone offshore and develop a culture that we´re in the service business – every action that every catering team member does every day makes a difference. I´m happy and proud to say that the feedback from the clients prove that we´re on the right path. Following trends and requirements on safety and environmental topics Aramark Denmark will meet the future and go after new goals creating the future offshore catering and hotel services. Thanks to all colleagues for being fully committed the whole way. Congratulations on the first 10 years … more to come”.

The DCS remains a fundamental part of Aramark’s North Sea portfolio and we are extremely excited to be a part of the new Tyra Redevelopment project in the coming years ahead. We would like to once again thank our Danish teams, both onshore and offshore for their exemplar leadership and support of our business goals. Here’s to the next ten years! Skål

“Congratulations to Aramark on their 10 year anniversary! Over the years, Aramark are well known to us for being positive, down to earth, and solution-minded. We wish Aramark continued success on this notable achievement.”

Jacqueline DeLuca, C&P Head of General Services, Total


Staff Turnover has been below 4%

Client feedback over the years has been 98% positive.

We have seen a reduction in 60% sickness & ill health

We have served over 3 Million POB

We have served over 10 million meals



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